MaxIQ World Space Week Competition 2022


From October 4-10, 2022 Mountain View Elementary students competed in a one-year long challenge in the MaxIQ World Space Week competition.


There were over 20 teams from around the world comprised of high schools and colleges. Mountain View was the only elementary school and earned a whopping 1,016 out of 1,200 points for a percentage score of 99.61% for a first place finish out of a top five selection committee!


The challenge was to help astronauts stay healthy and comfortable on a space station. Sustainable Development Goal #3 is about good health and well-being.


The students were tasked with creating a climate graph of their community (State of Georgia), a second climate graph of their school, written responses regarding their season of choice based on comfort, correlating it to the climate graphs, and finally, determining 3-4 solutions or implementations on how to help astronauts feel comfortable with the manufactured climate in a space station.


The students designed working space stations in Minecraft complete with voice overs of student ideas and thoughts. All student names, and the parts they completed during the process, are listed at the end if the video.


Congratulations Mountain View for being the best at World Space Week in Sustainable Development Goal #3!