National PTA School of Excellence Program

Through the , and with support from National PTA, we will open lines of communication and critical thinking to make data-driven decisions that create positive changes in our school community.


End-of-Year SURVEY


Please take a few minutes to complete the year-end survey available HERE by April 15, 2023.

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Focus Area and objective

Based on the baseline survey completed by parents, teachers, staff, and the community, our focus area is:  Ensuring the Health & Safety of Students.


Our specific objective is to address the problem of hunger among families in our school community.  


Each year, Mountain View has an increasing number of economically disadvantaged students (currently 13.6% of our school population).  That is approximately 116 students ... approximately 23 students in each grade ... approximately 3 in each classroom.


11.6% of our school population receives free or reduced school meals. The gap between the start of school, families understanding the application is required, and then completing the application, left student accounts in arrears.  **See Part 1 of our project development below**


For some of our students, school meals are their primary source of food.  However, the shortage of bus drivers, long car pool lines, and restricted breakfast time reduces a student's ability to eat breakfast -- even if they qualify for free / reduced meals. **See Part 2 of our project development below**


Additionally, free and reduced school meals do not cover school snacks.  **See Part 3 of our project development below**


Hunger and food insecurity are very real problems in every community, including Mountain View.  


CCRPI Indicators


% of School Population

Students with Disabilities (SWD)



Economically Disadvantaged



Receive Free/ Reduced Meals



Early Intervention (EIP)



English Learners (EL)









Total Students in School





Project Development

We worked with the school cafe, teachers, and staff to obtain varying perspectives on the specific needs of our students from those working most closely with them.  Based on our discussions, we are engaging the community and to develop a self-sustainable Student Support Program that ensures these students receive healthy meals and snacks each school day.


Part 1 -- Student Meal Accounts & Inclusion

The PTA has taken the first step towards helping our students by providing funding to pay off the student accounts for our economically disadvantaged students and educating families on the Cobb County Free or Reduced Meal Application.  We provide information on our website and disseminate it to families via Social Media (Facebook and Twitter) and our weekly PawPrints newsletter.  All information provided on our website and via PawPrints is translated to a families language of choice through our Google Translate  website feature, ensuring inclusion of all MVES families.


Fridays are a fabulously fun lunch day for many students at MVES -- it is ice cream / treat day!  But, these special treats must be purchased from funds pre-loaded onto a student's account.  The PTA has partnered with the cafe staff to help make all students feel included, by funding treats for our economically disadvantaged students.


Part 2 -- Fresh Fruit Fridays

The PTA has implemented Fresh Fruit Fridays.  These are mornings when we provide fresh apples, bananas, and oranges to the students as they enter from the bus or car line.  Fresh fruit provides children with incredible nutritional support -- potassium, which helps keep his blood pressure normal, vitamin C to boost the immune system and help prevent infection, vitamin A for healthy eyes, and folate for DNA production.  Plus, studies have shown that eating fresh fruit for breakfast can boost a child's performance in school.  


Part 3 -- Healthy Snacks

During our collaboration with teachers, staff, and administration, we learned that many students routinely do not have a suitable, healthy snack.  In fact, many don't have a snack at all.  With some lunch times being as early as 10:30 am, that leaves some children without the extra fuel their bodies need to stay focused and be productive throughout the day.  Yes, some teachers would provide a snack to those in need -- but that is a financial burden our teachers do not need.


The PTA has implemented a healthy snack service that provides a healthy snack to students in need.  Each month we purchase bulk healthy snacks, divide them into grade-level bins, and deliver them to the teacher workrooms.  Teachers can pull from these snack bins to provide for students that do not have a snack. 


Part 4 -- Education and Awareness

Many of our families are extremely fortunate to "live in a bubble" where we don't see and/or realize that some of our students are going hungry and are food insecure.  By spreading awareness, we can better partner with our families and Community Partners to provide for all the students at MVES. 


 ** Additional resources for free and reduced student meals are available HERE **  

** Additional resources to find meals for your family are available HERE **

** Additional information on childhood hunger and food insecurity is available HERE **


Part 5 -- Funding and Sustainability


To become a sustainable program, the PTA relies on contributions from our families and Community Partners.  We are seeking contributions to our Student Support Programs. Student Support Program donations can be made HERE.  


The PTA is also actively applying for grants and exploring options to ensure our Student Support Programs continue year after year.



Nutrition Grant Awarded by the EAST COBB COUNTY COUNCIL (ECCC) PTA

We are pleased to announce that the Mountain View Elementary PTA was awarded a $500 Health & Nutrition grant from the ECCC PTA to expand our Health and Wellness initiatives.  This grant was awarded as part of the National PTA Healthy Bodies Nutrition Education Project sponsored by YUM-O! 










Baseline Survey

Please complete the initial baseline survey available HERE by September 23, 2022.

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