The 2018-19 Reflections Theme is:
“Heroes Around Me”

MOUNTAIN VIEW PTA is encouraging all of our talented students to showcase their artistic talents in this year’s contest. Reflections is the most popular national PTA-sponsored program conducted annually. It gives students in grades Pre-K through 12 an opportunity to express themselves in one or more of 6 artistic areas:

Photography Visual Arts
Musical Composition  ~  Film/Video Production
Literature  ~  Dance  ~  Choreography

Student participation is simple:

1) Choose an artistic category and create by interpreting the theme ““Heroes Around Me”
2) Completely fill out and attach a signed entry form to artistic piece;
3) Return entry piece(s) to the Reflections box in the media center.
4) You can enter in to more than one category but needs to enter one form per category.


Deadline for entry is Friday, October 05, 2018. Entry forms are available in classrooms and sent via email. Information about the program is available HERE on the National PTA website, and HERE on the Georgia Reflections website. For any questions EMAIL Reflections Chairs: Mary Pearl Britto (Pearl Nair)/Betsy Magato.  All forms can be downloaded HERE.



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