What Is the Mountain View Foundation?


Since 2006, thanks to the financial support of Mountain View parents and partners, the Foundation has been able to provide certified and experienced STEM and TECHNOLOGY Lab Instructors who teach vital skills necessary for our students to excel beyond elementary school.  


The Foundation raises money annually to pay for our school’s STEM Lab Instructor and Technology Lab Instructor Salaries and all Lab Supplies. In the 2018-19 school year, based on the school’s increased growth, an additional allotment received this summer enabled TEAM MVES to hire Jennifer Gates (see her bio on the MVES website) without needing the financial support of the Foundation. This is fantastic news for our school, the Foundation and its members, as the Foundation can and plan to support additional STEM and Technology for the school--stay tuned! 


Foundation provides ENRICHMENT through After School Clubs to enhance the learning environment of our school. Foundation-supported programs impact every Mountain View student every day BEYOND what is provided by Cobb County. 


These programs DO NOT EXIST for your child's education WITHOUT Foundation Funding.



Why Support a STEM Lab and Technology Lab?


Imagine trying to teach your child to play a sport such as basketball or tennis. Could your child read a book and learn about the sport? Yes, of course, but will they be able to play the sport? Not really. To learn how to play a sport, kids need to touch the ball, practice throwing or hitting the ball and experience the sport.


The same is true of Science and Computer skills. Students who experience Science and Computer skills hands-on in a lab gain better understanding and retention! 


Computer skills are critically important now that Milestones Testing will be online for students this school year! 



How Does Foundation Fund the Lab Instructors and Supplies?


The Foundation is 100% funded by Foundation Memberships, Breakfast Sales, generous donations from the community, and matching donations from companies. Additional funding comes from 15% of registrations given back to the Foundation from our After School Club providers. 


In response to community feedback, Foundation will have only ONE fundraiser event in 2018-19.  We will sponsor a "Boosterthon", which will replace Mad Dash. Funds raised through this event will first go toward supporting the Lab Instructors and Supplies, then will be split with PTA. We are optimistic that with your support for Boosterthon, we will meet and possibly exceed our goals! 


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