2018-19 PTA Committees


Committee Chair: Gina Amalfitano & Heather Joswick   
Contact: ambassadors@mountainviewpta.org            

Welcomes new families and provides guidance, resources, and information they may need.  Hosts 'Cheers and Tears' coffee for new kindergarten parents and '100th' Day of School' coffee chat.  Provides informational packets about Mountain View Elementary school.


Arts in Education
Committee Chair: Heather Dahlby & Shawn Martz    
Contact: arted@mountainviewpta.org            

Enriches the curriculum with fine arts programs. Works with Art and Music teachers to highlight the importance of the arts (visual arts, music, theater, and dance). Past activities have included assistance with “Spring Fling,” organizing the “Square One” fundraiser, and creating lasting murals from students’ artwork for our school.


Box Tops for Education
Committee Chair: Darlene Leistra
Contact: boxtops@mountainviewpta.org

Promotes awareness and encourages participation in the Box Tops for Education program. Tracks classroom participation and distributes incentives. Submits collections to Box Tops for Education. Also coordinates other selected “free money” programs, such as the Publix Partners program.


Child Advocacy (Red Ribbon Week)
Committee Chair: Kim Marty
Contact: childadv@mountainviewpta.org

Provides awareness regarding issues which safeguard our children. Coordinates “Red Ribbon Week,” the longest-running and largest anti-drug campaign in the US.



Community Outreach
Committee Chairs: Kimberly Brock & Laura Callard
Contact: outreach@mountainviewpta.org

Identifies, organizes, and completes service projects during the school year for the benefit of our local community. Sparks interest and enthusiasm and instills in our students the importance of helping others through various and diverse forms of service.


Committee Chair: Cindy Bozza
Contact: copying@mountainviewpta.org

Provides valuable copy support to teachers throughout the school year. Recruits, trains, and schedules volunteers.



Dad’s Initiative
Committee Chair: Johnathon Conant & Seth Ramaley
Contact: dadinitiative@mountainviewpta.org

Coordinates events and activities that encourage and promote fathers’ involvement.


Committee Chair: Heather Joswick
Contact: environment@mountainviewpta.org

Focuses on school grounds improvement, recycling, and environmental education. Coordinates an annual clean-up day that coincides with Earth Day.


Fall Festival
Committee Chairs: Kristina LeDoux & Carolyn Rekenthaler
Contact: fallfestival@mountainviewpta.org

Responsible for coordinating the annual Fall Festival.  This event is planned and executed by a group of committee chairs responsible for organizing ticket sales, publicizing the event, recruiting volunteers, arranging for food and beverages, activities and games, bounce houses and a rock wall, and tons of prizes to name a few.


Health and Wellness
Committee Chair: Lisa Kubes & Esther Stonick
Contact: health@mountainviewpta.org

Plans programs to encourage nutrition and healthy, active lifestyles. Monitors legislative issues that pertain to the health and wellness of children. Coordinates “Walk to School” days and engaging health and wellness events. 


Heroes Essay Contest
Committee Chair: Pearl Britto & Sharon Viggeroso
Contact: heroes@mountainviewpta.org

Coordinates annual, school wide, written essay contest that celebrates everyday heroes.


Committee Chair: Joanna Callis
Contact: legislation@mountainviewpta.org

Monitors and communicates current legislative issues on education and information on voter registration.



Media Support/Book Fairs
Committee Chair: Debbie D'Aurelio & Liza Lin & Angela Rash
Contact: bookfair@mountainviewpta.org

Hosts three book fairs throughout the school year. Coordinates with the media specialists, places orders for books and other items through Scholastic, and recruits volunteers to work shifts. Also organizes various activites to celebrate Read Across America Week schoolwide.


Committee Chairs: Lee Best & Laura Rhodes
Contact: membership@mountainviewpta.org

This committee is responsible for data input of PTA members, collating membership benefit packets and cards, and ensuring that they are distributed to all members in a timely manner. It also entails working with the Treasurer each month to submit appropriate forms to Georgia PTA.


Memory Book
Committee Chair: Kim Swenson
Contact: memorybook@mountainviewpta.org

Organizes volunteers to capture candid photos at school events throughout the year, creates visual layout of the yearbook, and orders/distributes the final product at the end of the school year.  Yearbook sales begin at Sneak-a-Peek and an up-to-date purchase confirmation list can be found on the PTA website. 


Parent/Family Engagement
Committee Chairs: Inese Stravelli & Maria Fernanda Racz
Contact: engagement@mountainviewpta.org

Coordinates and promotes activities that strengthen the connection between students, parents, and our school. Events include “International Night” and “Spring Fling.”


Partners in Education
Committee Chairs: Jennifer Saboura
Contact: partnersined@mountainviewpta.org

Solicits, organizes, and communicates with community business partners to provide support for our school at a variety of functions. Works closely with the school’s representative responsible for our Partners in Education. Promotes important relationships with our business community who support our PTA.


Committee Chairs: Pearl Britto & Betsy Magato
Contact: reflections@mountainviewpta.org

This is a National PTA program that encourages artistic expression in dance, film, music, literature, visual arts, and photography. This committee promotes the program, assembles a panel of judges to select category winners for submission


Room Representative Liaison
Committee Chair: Teri Germany
Contact: roomreps@mountainviewpta.org

Ensures that all homeroom classes have a room rep, provides information packets to each room rep with both general information relevant to all classes as well as classroom specific information (such as teacher birthdays, favorite treats, etc.). Creates standard letters, approved by the school administration. Ensures accurate bi-annual accounting of classroom donations collected at the beginning of each new school year.


Silent Auction
Committee Chair: Kimberly Brock & Joanna Callis & Courtney Kopriva & Holly Ratchison
Contact: silentauction@mountainviewpta.org 

Works with Fall Festival Committee, and Mountain View Foundation, to gather auction items, promote the auction and solicit support and volunteers for the event.


Special Student Services
Committee Chair: Maryn Cox
Contact: specialservices@mountainviewpta.org 

Supports the needs of diverse learning communities including Special Needs and the Advanced Learning Programs.
 Recognizes and promotes each student’s abilities.


Spirit Wear
Committee Chair: Heather Tolley-Bauer & Donna Levine
Contact: spirit@mountainviewpta.org

Encourages school spirit, primarily through spirit wear available for sale. Responsible for selecting a company for production, placing orders, and distributing orders to students.


Teacher/Staff Appreciation and Teacher of the Year
Committee Chairs: Megan Wieher &  Libby Anderson
Contact: appreciation@mountainviewpta.org

Through the help of a large committee, organizes events throughout the year to recognize the efforts of our teachers and staff. Also organizes volunteers to participate in events that recognize Mountain View’s Teacher of the Year.


Committee Chairs: Samit Thakker & Teri Germany & Cheryl Sameit
Contact: technology@mountainviewpta.org

Provides updates and maintains the Mountain View PTA website and calendar as necessary. Assists with administration of the MVE PTA FB page. Compiles, edits, and distributes weekly email newsletter, “Pawprints,” which is published each Friday throughout the school year. Send your notices and questions to pawprints@mountainviewpta.org


Volunteer Coordinator
Committee Chair: Patricia Martinez
Contact: volunteers@mountainviewpta.org

Manages volunteer signups at Sneak-A-Peek and throughout the school year for PTA committees. Creates and maintains database for volunteer information. Assists with organization of volunteers for committee events using online sign-up services.

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